You must not be aware of about how the e-commerce Giant Amazon, is desperate about delivering your orders at your doorsteps. Recently the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave it a application regarding delivering orders by attaching them to a parachute, to your doorsteps. The patent ensures that the product is delivered as it is without being damaged or distorted to the customer.
What does the new patent says?
The new patent says that the new system can include adhesive backing, cords, a parachute and a breakaway cover. Amazon is not resting in its laurels. In March it showed off its commercial drone delivery system at the SXSW conference in Austin, although it did not demonstrate the drone in flight.
Drone delivery technology is moving on with UPS, Walmart, and Google among another companies also working on delivery drones . Federal Aviation Administration regulation require that drones be flown within sight of their operator, which limits their range.
A bipartisan group of senators , including Dianne Feinstein and Mike Lee , introduced legislation that would let state and local authorities regulate the use of drones in their jurisdiction. Scatter shot regulation could also impede the use of drone delivery.
So far, the only drawback we face in this patent is the advanced batteries can only drive a drone for about 30 minutes without a recharge. For Amazon and other players, commercial drone delivery remains in process. In February, the company got a related patent to enable a flying drone to eject a package using “pneumatic actuators, electromagnets, spring coils, and parachutes generate, the force that establishes the vertical descent path of package.”
A market research firm Gartner said that it did not see this commercial drone delivery system to become a major business in foreseeable future.