She has this classroom program from IIPTA in Mumbai and was very much satisfied after the classes which he undergoes under Patent Agent Mrs. Cheshta Sharma. She understood everything very well, and moreover was very much clear about the Program. She found the Patent Program very useful and was very happy with how the teacher taught the course.

She also has a strong knowledge of intellectual property laws including Copyrights Act 1957, Trademark Act 1999, Indian Patent Act, 1970 and American Invent Act, 2011. Reviewed case laws related to IPR during the course. She handled a Research oriented with experience in drafting exercises. She is skilled in research based exercises using USPTO, WIPO, Indian patent office. Thorough understanding of filling various forms and fees according to relevant Indian and US laws. Instruments handled: UV spectrophotometer, FTIR spectrophotometer, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Tablet Compression machine.