His technical skills involve:

1. Microbiological Techniques: Media preparation, micro-organism presence absence testing, plating techniques, colony counting and production of various fermented foods.
2. Industrial microbiological Techniques: working knowledge of Fermented beverages production and sterilization.
3. IPR SKILS: Drafting, filing of patent applications.
4. Patent search, Prior Art Searches.

He is a conceptually strong with an innovative and analytical approach to the work with an eye for detail. Enriched with the ability to learn new concepts & technology within a short span of time. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal traits with talent for problem solving through reasoned thought processes. An effective team player with exceptional planning and execution skills coupled with a systematic approach and quick adaptability. He did a Govt. Training in “Patenting System in India” from Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management, Nagpur. He did detailed study of Patenting system in India, Patent filing and prosecution at Indian Patent Office, Patent Search, Prior art search, PCT filling, Classification of Inventions.

Hitesh has this classroom program from IIPTA and was very much satisfied after the classes which he undergoes under Patent Agent Mrs. Cheshta Sharma. He understood everything very well, and moreover was very much clear about the Program. He also got selected for the Internship process in IIPTA.