Apple’s granted patent 9,460,238 was for the exemplary earphone designed using a representative model, it is designed in such a way the models aligns to one or more areas of the ear. It is a representation model for a volume determined to be common for both  two oriented ear models, the representative model is determined by the size and shape of thee headphone part.

The headphones, which are the components to generate sound, can exist in different form such as over-the-ear headphones, in-the-ear ear buds, or in-the-canal earphones. In-the-ear ear buds are sometimes referred to as non-occluding ear buds as they generally sit at the entrance of the user’s ear canal and do not form an airtight seal. With this conventional non-occluding ear buds, the absence of an airtight seal can affect acoustic performance as compared to other types of headphones, such as occluding or in-the-canal earphones.

Apples invention is the ear pods that have the ear bud housing design which accommodates both the size of the headphone driver and the circular shape of the headphone driver. This would be by both sound quality and comfort level.
Putting in nutshell, Apples ear pods provides acoustical performance, sound quality, comfort, and stability, and the earphone shape may fit within the representative model to better ensure that the improvements are experienced by a greater number of users.
But, people comment that the ear buds are getting destroyed often and it is not as better as the traditional headphone jack and connector, and the new Bluetooth Air Pods. Also they have experienced volume control model for which give a great sound or music experience, and the noise reduction technology while speaking over phones connected with the ear pods and its perfect sealing of the ear with the representation model.

The actual difference is that the driver ports are now located toward the edge, channelling all of the audio directly into your ear canals otherwise it is a resembling design as the original ibuds. The better hear is that it throws the sound forward and force them in the ears. Which is actually can damage the hearing capacity of ears for later.

Customers have also appreciated the model for its smoother, fuller and more balanced sound, with improved emphasis on the bass and low mids. The most notable difference, however, is how much lower you’ll need to set the volume on your device. The new design definitely ports the audio into your ears better, but it cannot define that the effect of a louder output at lower settings is the only improvement. Cranking the volume on our various devices, genuinely the Ear Pods maintained a much clearer signal in comparison to the older generation.

The colour of the phone is quite a disappointment since the white gets dirty easily, and finally cost of the ear pod of course may be also increase some hundreds.

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