On July 2016 apple won a patent for Hand Gestures to Control Game Play on iOS Devices, the projector that interprets hand gestures to control a game play on iphone and now on October 4, 2016 Apple again granted with a patent advanced 3D Mapped Gesture Interface. The invention uses user interfaces that are based on three-dimensional sensing.

Now Apple allows the users to interact and control the content on a display infront of him with simple hand gestures, the hand gestures can also interact and control games, applications, photos, videos and more

The gestures include a grab gesture, a push gesture, a release gesture, a find gesture, a search gesture, an execute gesture, a peek gesture and also with a time delay gesture called a TimeClick,

It also includes a gesture called a push gesture for instance could click on an app to open it.

The system receives a series of 3D map gestures, it identifies a find gesture followed by a grab gesture, a longitudinal gesture and a execute gesture to execute an action then allows to perform an operation on the selected interactive object in response to the execute gesture.

Apple completely takes the 3D gesture technology and allows its user to have new experiences of executing operations with this patent 9,459,758.

The granted patent  includes an image of a keyboard comprising multiple keys; receiving a sequence of three-dimensional (3D) maps including a hand of a user positioned in proximity to the display; processing an initial portion of the sequence of 3D maps to detect a transverse gesture performed by the hand of the user positioned in proximity to the display, the transverse gesture including a movement of the hand in a direction that is parallel to a plane of the display; presenting, on the display, a cursor at a position indicated by the transverse gesture; and selecting, while presenting the cursor in proximity to one of the multiple keys, the one of the multiple keys upon detecting a grab gesture followed by a pull gesture followed by a release gesture in a subsequent portion of the sequence of 3D maps.

Though there are various types of user interface devices and methods are currently available like computer keyboard, mouse, joystick, infrared remote controls and “wearable” hardware devices had been developed, touch screens detect the presence and location of a touch by a finger or other object within the display area.

And this is an era for gesture control and interaction with the systems and justification of how it going to work can be assessed only after customer use and their feedbacks until that we wait with our fingers crossed.

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