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IIPTA is global platform for intellectual property services and education.

Whether you’re looking for new product trends or competitive analysis of an existing or emerging market, IIPTA has the best research offerings. We have the expertise to mine patent data and make sure you efficiently get the critical information you need. We help you extract relevant business intelligence from patent data. We create reports with competitive intelligence data which can put you ahead of technology curve. Our patent market research reports are widely read by companies involved in innovation, researchers developing cutting edge tech or investors looking to invest in technology.

Our platform can help you protect your trademark or patent across 190 countries around the world. We not only help you file your Intellectual Property with government offices but also provide support till the grant and issue of patent or trademark.

We help individual innovators by providing patent search services at minimum cost so that they file patent right away.

We collaborate with various attorneys around the world to provide various patent search services – infringement analysis, claim mapping, freedom to operate search etc.

We have team of technology experts who can help you draft patent claims in any area from mechanical drawings to electronics patents.

We help professionals from various backgrounds law, science, finance to build career in intellectual property. We help prepare for Patent Office Examination in US, Europe, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Japan.

We run various online and classroom intellectual property courses specializing in patent law, patent drafting, trademark law, copyright protection, IP finance, music law, fashion law etc. We partner with various universities and colleges in running programs in intellectual property.

When we started in 2008, we realized that there is not much awareness about intellectual property. So we started with our free IP program “IP 101” to help business owners, innovators and creators understand their IP rights. Later we created short term training programs to help develop workforce required in IP industry. To create ease in learning we have IIPTA cloud campus, where participants can login in and learn at their own pace. IIPTA cloud campus contains over 200+ audio video tutorials developed by experts in industry. We have job support and career service for people who want to start or grow career in intellectual property industry.

We conduct training programs in corporates, universities and research organization to create awareness about IP. Our efforts in creating awareness about IP is also recognized by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)

We also have monthly magazine “IP and Business” which is great resource for IP industry.

Besides, we render our services to businesses in understanding their IP, managing and monetizing on it. We work with individual innovators, medium and small enterprises in gaining rights over their IP- patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Because of our continuous efforts, IIPTA is awarded by various national and international organizations. Our efforts in creating awareness about IP, have been recognized by FICCI, CII, IIT Delhi and many renowned universities.

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