The video of internet singing sensation Dhinchak Pooja has been removed from YouTube after alleged copyright infringement, but here’s why the social media is cheering ‘casts’ at this time. Dhinchak Pooja’s videos have been removed from Youtube after a copyright claim by user named Kathappa Singh.

Dhancheep Pooja, who dismissed songs such as ‘Self Mane Le Mango’, ‘Paradise Hat’ and ‘Dilan’s Shooter’, jerked almost immediately with one million hits on the internet with his video. Despite his ‘Kringwarth’, ‘off-tune’ and other label, his videos became very angry and popular Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam also inspired him to give the shot.

According to the report, her video were taken off Youtube after a user ‘Kathappa Singh’ allegedly reported her songs for copyright violation. Her latest video ‘Dilon ka shooter’, which she came up with after ‘public demand, is still out there, though.
In fact, a person’s name was Kathappa Singh (not a Bahubali, he was Kattappa) presented a copyright takedown notice on the video of Dhinkach Pooja and after reviewing the claim, YouTube has decided to downgrade its content.

Kathapa ne Dhinchak Pooja ke videos KO kyu maara!
The mysterious question at the end of Baahubali Part 1 i.e., Baahubali – The Beginning was ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?’ but after Dinchak Pooja videos taken down, another mysterious question raises which is ‘Why Kathappa Singh Claimed Copyright, the answer may be that he is little frustrated about the songs listening everywhere around him. All we know is that as per youtube policy, you can get a video taken down if you are in it without your consent so Kathapa must be seen in the background of her videos and hence had them taken down.