“There is no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times.”

So you created a professional resume, prepared for the interview, researched about the company, dressed to impress and you thought that your interview went well but then you found that the job went to another candidate although it was a close call. This rejection will really disappoint you and you will feel a lot of stress. Many questions will haunt you like why i failed at the interview? why they don’t want me? where do i lack?

Try try try until you succeed

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail”. Even if you fail in an interview don’t get disappointed and don’t start feeling like a loser. If you fail, stand again and work hard and you will definitely crack your next interview. After failing to crack an interview find out where do you lack. Find out why the other candidate was preferred over you. Find out what were the things which you did or said wrong in the interview. Question yourself as much as you can because there is no better person than you to judge yourself. Try our different things to make improvements and to overcome your negatives and always remember “if plan ‘A’ doesn’t work, 25 more alphabets are there. Keep calm.” No one is born perfect and in order to gain perfection you have to try again and again until you succeed because its not about how many times you failed its about how many times you tried. There can be many reasons that why you failed in an interview.

The reasons why you suck in your interview are:

1. First impression- An employer forms the impression about the candidate in first 30 seconds of the meeting and your first impression can really affect your interview so there is a basic interview etiquette expected by the candidate. There are several factors which can affect your first impression in a bad way and they are:

  1. Being late
  2. Appearance
  3. Manners
  4. Gestures

There is no excuse to resolve a bad impression. Your first impression will help the employer to form an opinion about you so your first impression should be perfect.


2. Poor preparation- Employers have done their work by calling you for the interview and they also expect you to come prepared. Time spent in preparing for the interview will be time invested wisely. If you are not even prepared to give a proper introduction of yours then you won’t be able to perform well in rest of the interview also.

3. Lack of interpersonal skills- Interpersonal skills are those skills which provide you with a chance of being able to listen, able to share your opinion, able to ask question, able to convince etc. These skills include not only how we communicate with others, but also our confidence and our ability to listen and understand. In an interview it is really important to have a two way communication. You must listen  and amd reply to interviewer, must ask questions about company or your work or post and you should also share your opinions. This will convince the interviewer that you are interested in his company and his job and if you will not communicate with him properly then he will say a big no to you.


4. Negativity- Candidates many times talk negative about their last or current company in their interview without even realizing that speaking negative about your last or current company is an interview killer. Always keep your attitude positive and if asked about your last company then give positive answers. There is no room for negativity in any interview and speaking negative about anything will not give good vibes to the interviewer.


5. Never tell a lie- “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.” Never ever think of lying in an interview. It will backfire you at some point of time. Once you lie about your education or experience or anything then you have to maintain it always and in order to maintain a single lie you will be forced to tell many more lies. If you got caught in future then you will be thrown out of your job and it will harm your reputation also. Always be proud of your achievements, and qualifications and have faith in yourself because exaggerating things  will get you in trouble someday.


6. No research about company- The most common question asked in  an interview is that “what do you know about the company” and mostly all the candidates fail to answer this question which leaves a very bad impression on the interviewer. It is very obvious that you should know about the company if you are going for an interview and it is also very important to have the basic idea of company’s work, background etc if you are going to work in that company in future. Candidates who fail to answer this question fail to impress the interviewer.


7. No customized resume- Resumes are the reflection of a person’s personality and it is the very first document which helps the interviewer to decide if you are a perfect match for his company or not. It is really important to modify your resume as per the requirement of the company. Never send the same resume to all the companies as different companies have different requirements and the employer may not hire you if your skills do not match with his requirement. Always highlight those skills and achievements which matches with the needs of the job.