One of the premier universities in the world, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a research oriented body with 743 new invention disclosures and have generated an income of $78.6 million in just 2014. They are funded by mega companies like Boeing, Accenture, Novartis, and Pfizer etc.

 The benefit of having a research oriented organisation is that you will always be a pioneer and develop technology. The big plus is that you will be generating income and this can be further used for developing infrastructure.

 “6“ways to promote research and development in your college/university:

  1. To provide adequate funding for research:

Research fund college

  •  Whatever the research may be related a seed fund is required to conduct research. Even if you work on something really basic, basic equipment will be required. A seed-fund and provision of basic equipment is necessary.
  1. Application based education and hosting professionals from the industry:
  • If you want to promote research in your college/university then you have to encourage your students to think the same way. So design the curriculum in that way.

research in college

  • Hosting professionals from the industry for lectures or seminars is any day valuable. Any form of interaction with professionals for the students and the faculty as well is highly encouraging.
  1. To promote more MoUs with leading Industries and Universities for enhancing the consultancy and research activities :

Promote research

  •  An MoU with a leading company or organization is like an ace up your sleeve and this is basically like a symbiotic relationship.
  • The organization will provide funding for you and you provide him new technology or any new innovation. This will help the students and give them some basic industrial training as well. If they acquire the necessary skill sets they can end up working in the same organization as well. A win for all the parties involved.
  1. To provide a platform for sharing available research facilities.
  •  It is not necessary that you have all the required equipment to conduct research. You can resource the equipment required as well.
  • It is important that you always try to be resourceful rather than acquiring.
  • Form a platform for sharing the facilities and try to get the work done at low cost.
  1. To recommend incentives for outstanding research articles, projects, research proposals and patents.
  •  Any person no matter how young or old always requires a boost or congratulatory or a word of encouragement that tells them that they are moving in the right direction.
  • Provide incentives for those who perform well. A small incentive can be a trigger for something big.

   6. To identify research thrust areas, promoting research, evaluating and disseminating research      outcome.

  •  Always work on something for the future. Work on something for the 21st century. Do not work on something that has been sucked dry.
  • Identify the areas or the technology where something new can be built. It is important that you always “Aim for the stars” and “Dream Big”, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Only dreaming for something big will get you something big.