The pharmaceutical sector is one of the largest in the world and is still on the rise thanks to the low cost of installation and machinery. The sector is estimated to double by 2020 in terms of revenue and with countries, for example, Ireland trying to attract Indian pharma companies to start facilities, the path for the companies indeed is very bright.

Turning our focus from the companies to the people who make the company. It is fairly obvious that if the pharma sector is going to enjoy a substantial growth in the near future, then the number of people employed is also going to rise.

Projects like “Pharma Vision 2020” initiated by gm diet plan table veg the Government to make India the pharmaceutical superpower. The idea is to change the image of the nation from a drug manufacturing country to an end to end drug discovery and innovation machine. The plan is to make India the solution for the cures that are required for diseases.

The news around the block is that 45,000 jobs are going to be created in the pharma sector in the year 2015. This indeed is a good sign and one pointing towards more job opportunities in the future.

  • Initiatives like “Make in India” and “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” are certain to encourage domestic as well as foreign companies to grow.
  • Rapid urbanisation and greater economic development are some of the encouraging factors for the sector.
  • Improvement in distribution network and better outreach to the rural areas.

With so much promise provided by the pharma sector, I personally believe that the employment opportunities for the pharmacy graduates are good. So what kind of a job profile or a career option will be available for him/her :

1. In Research and Development :

With a project title such as “Make in India” it can be expected that the encouragement for research and development of drugs will be more than fair. Students from pharmacy background are required and a student with good skill sets can certainly make a successful career for himself. Companies like Dr.Reddy’s and Aurobindo are always on the lookout for quality professionals. A career in R&D is certainly one to aspire for. A pharma graduate can be hired as a “Research Associate or Research Assistant”.

2. Analysis and Testing :

Analysis and Testing and the sector are basically like two peas in a pod. It is required that a proper Quality control and assurance is maintained. Staff with good skill sets are required to perform analysis with sensitive and sophisticated equipment. All the pharmaceutical companies require professionals to carry out the functions.

3. Production and Manufacturing :

The potential requirement for this purpose is huge and a person can be hired as a “Production Technician”. Graduates are hired in the pharmaceutical sector on a consistent basis and with projected growth, certainly the employment is bound to rise.

4. Marketing :

Marketing is required in any field and the pharma sector is no exception. It is important that the person is technically sound and is enable to pitch well. A person can be hired as a “Medical Representative”.

5. Regulatory bodies :

A person can make a lucrative career for himself as a “Drug Inspector” or “Drug Controller”. This is currently one of the brightest options available now and the person can work in bodies like the Food and Drug Administration.

6. Intellectual Property Rights :

Personally, if I were a pharma graduate and looking for the best option available in the current market today, i would choose to be involved with IPR. This path of the road is less travelled with excellent growth for candidates. Pharma companies do have requirements for their IP Cell but the major requirement of pharma graduates is in Law firms and KPOs. A candidate can be hired as a “Patent Analyst” or as an “IP Researcher” or a “Patent Engineer”.