In our daily life, we have seen very simple object on our daily basis, it looks very simple but it quite complex at the same time. So it has not been possible to create such geometrical complex design with the traditional manufacturing process.

3D printing technology is already chasing the way of producing these objects from tools to toy clothing and also the body parts. 3D printing is a part of process known as additive manufacturing where an object is created by adding the layer by layer. Additive manufacturing allow designers to create complex part of the machine, aero planes  cars, at the faction of cost and time of standard means like forging molding and sculpting.

Light and oxygen work in diff ways- light can take resin (any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules) and convert it into solid, oxygen inhibits this process. Actually 3D printing has 3 main functional components – one it has reservoir that hold the puddle, at the bottom of the reservoir there is a special window that has a stage that will lower in to the puddle and put the object out of the liquid. The 3rd component is a digital light projection system, underneath the reservoir illuminating with reservoir in ultra violet region. And there is also a special window that not only transparent to light but its preamble to oxygen. It also has a characteristic like contact lens. We use the molding software like blender to create our own design, once you have finished design it’s time to send it to the printer.


The most common material used in 3D printing is plastic and also the use of some other materials allows for the creation of some pretty amazing product beyond the simple tools and toys. We can have the material with great mechanicals properties too.

Patent in invention

This invention was made with government support under Grant Number DDM-8913977 awarded by the National Science Foundation with the help of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1993 named- Three-dimensional printing techniques and registered the patent (US5387380A) for rapid manufacturing of 3D objects by additive depositing- by stereo lithography or selective laser sintering using a combination of solid and liquid materials.


3D printing foods also very popular because additive manufacturing has allowed for others creations of some intricate treats. In the medical world doctors are testing bio material to regenerate medicine by using patient’s cell. Doctor could 3D print small body part like ear, nose also .recently giant 3D printer in china printed ten houses in just one day and a cost of $5000.000 only per house.By this technology you can actually transforming the technology. This process is so gentle that we can grow these objects up from the bottom using additive manufacturing and makes amazing things in ten of seconds, because this owning the intersection between the hardware , software and the molecular science.