“THE PATKEY SHOW” is a YouTube episode series for people who have a keen interest in Indian Patent Agent Examination. This show is hosted by Cheshta Sharma and Kirtiman Sharma. In this episode, they have answered 3 most frequently asked questions regarding Patent Agent examination :

Q1. Will I have to change my location after passing this examination?

Q2. Will my research experience be counted?

Q3. Can one get an IPR job if he/she could not qualify for the exam?


Kirtiman:- Hey, what’s up this is Kirtiman Sharma again.

Cheshta:- And this is Cheshta Sharma again.

Kirtiman:- And you’re watching the Patent Agent Examination preparation series and in this series, we are going to answer all of your frequently asked questions three in a day. So, today’s questions without wasting any time the first question is – Will I have to change the location of my home location after giving this examination after completing after you know passing through this examination. so what do you have to say Cheshta?

Cheshta:- You don’t have to change your location. So, this is a certificate this is an added qualification to your resume so you can be anywhere in the world you can be anywhere in India you can start your own practice you can join any law firm let’s say you are in goa you can join a law firm in goa you and Kerala you can join any manufacturing company in Kerala and if you’re in Chennai, opportunities are also there. So, if I talk about all over India. If i talk about from a job perspective good companies are in let’s start from north Chandigarh, Noida Gurugram, Delhi then Jaipur, Lucknow then coming to Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata so these are the hot locations where there are a lot of companies which are currently recruiting patent professionals and patent agents so, it depends on you or even if you are anywhere in India or maybe abroad you can start your own work and give your own consulting there’s no need to change a job patent office will not call you to their patent office because everything is online so ,you can operate from anywhere.

Kirtiman :- Okay so, the next question for today is will my prior research experience so if I’m a researcher, I’m a working professional and I have a lot of research experience .so will that be counted?

Cheshta:- Yes, of course, because a patent is on scientific inventions right. So, any kind of job experience involves you interacting with technology science. It’s like your research experience, your quality control experience, your experience in manufacturing, you as a design engineer so all this experience is counted in your further job growth because the better you understand science and technology better you will become a patent drafter and a patent agent expert in future and you will be able to help more people because you understand the core of technology and how it works

Kirtiman :- Yeah, that’s exactly right you know the more experience you have so people of Ph.D. background, also ask the same question will their background will be used or not so the more technical you are you know the higher-level complex innovations and inventions and patents you can understand and that makes you a better patent agent not less so all of your technical knowledge all of it it’s going to be used very very well right okay so the next question is oh it’s a different kind of question so the question says that somebody you know it says somebody was not able to qualify the patent agent examination last year but they prepared for it, They appeared for it but they were not able to qualify it okay now the question is, Can they get an intellectual property rights job?

Cheshta :- Yes, of course you can get because though you have prepared though you were not able to qualify maybe there were some fewer marks or something or it was not like according to the percentage past percentage but yes you understand in your patent law you understand nuances of it you have appeared in the examination. So, this in whole that appearing for an examination itself is of high importance in the industry that you appeared and you will be appearing again so that shows that you have a bent towards making your career in patents and you understand ins and outs of patent you understand how patent prosecution work you have some practice of what type of inventions are there and how to draft claims over that so all this kind of experience can be utilized by any law firm by any Ip services company which have clients and they would they you can start your career as maybe as an analyst over there you can start your career as a patent and Ip researcher and once you qualify the exam you can tell them that of course you will get a promotion, you will be promoted to a higher level so you can start you can start by assisting some patent agent into the industry so that will be a good experience for you not only from a career perspective but also next time you will be appealing for the examination so all that experience assisting a patent agent assisting any Ip firm doing all their works of patent filing will give you an extra edge.

Kirtiman:- So, I think you know your profile will be different so your profile will not be patent agent then because you are not a patent agent so you being a researcher or having a science knowledge but you also now have a lot of knowledge about patents and how those workflows of the government work that you know you need to do things before publishing your research you need to patent it or at least file a provisional application. So, I’ll not go into these technicalities but there are things which you know which other researchers do not so this in itself is very important, you will be different, you will not be a patent uh professional you will still be a researcher or maybe you will be assisting somebody who is doing an intellectual property you know who’s an Intellectual Property professional but that in itself is going to enhance your options of getting a lot of getting into a lot of careers, I hope that answers your question.