The job opportunities available for students graduating from technological institutions are pretty good. With the economy in particular making a climb for betterment and there are more opportunities arising.

Some of the places where job opportunities are available for a science graduate in research and development are :

  • University Research
  • Research Institute and Government Agencies
  • Industrial Research and Development
  • Hospitals

Steps to be taken to get a headstart into Research and Development are :


It is the most important thing for a student to who has ambitions to pursue a career in R&D that the grades earned by you are important but not the most important thing. The most important thing for a graduate is some hands on experience and practical knowledge. It doesnt matter if you grades are not the best but as long as you have some industry experience you will be always be preferred over a candidate who has better grades but no hands on experience.


It is critically important that a candidate is capable of applying himself practically rather just spitting the textbook.

  1. Professional Training Programmes

Professional Training Programmes are a good step forward because they will impart you knowledge which is application based. A short time span at a laboratory or at a training facility can help you a lot.

  1. Eagle Eye

It is very important that the candidate has an “Eagle Eye”. Like the bird he/she should be able to focus on each and every detail. They should be able to monitor each and everything and at the same time be ready to act on it.

Eagle eye

  1. Should be mechanical

This statement means that he/she should be able to perform tasks which can be repetitive and monotonous. Most of the tasks in this line can be repetitive and they will have to perform these tasks with utmost care.

5.Be “Jack of all trades and Master of all”

He/she should be able to work unsupervised. The candidate should be able to perform any task associated and he should have good decision making skills.

Versatility is very important and he should be able to mould himself according to the requirement

  1. Should be like “The Tank”

The candidate should be demotivated easily and should carry on even when mistakes are made. Like “The Tank” they should be able to drive through any problem or crisis.


  1. Enthusiasm

You can put up the best show only when it comes from the heart. Enthusiasm for what you do is important and if you are enthusiastic about it then you are sure to shine through.

  1. Writing and Documentation

It is very important that you have put it on paper whatever you have performed. These things are taken very seriously by the quality agents. So any form of laziness or carelessness will be chucked out.

  1. Communication Skills

In any industry, it is required that the candidate possesses good communication skills and it is important that he/she is able to convey his/her idea the best way possible.

  1. Excellent planning and management skills

Planning is everything in Research and Development. A good schedule can make you a star or you will end up being chucked out of the company.

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