Universal Terms and Conditions

This document constitutes a policy statement on behalf of the Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney (IIPTA).

IIPTA is an Intellectual Property education and research brand of Mabbit Communications Private Limited, all financial transactions and legal body issues are handled in the name of Mabbit Communications Private Limited.

The Board of Management is the principal executive body of the institute, empowered to look after the management and administration of the revenue, finances, and property of the institute and the conduct of all administrative affairs.

The Academic Council decides academic policies of the institute and gives directions on methods of instruction, evaluation, and improvement in academic standards to centre heads located all over India.

The Research Council is responsible for the planning, management, organization and monitoring of Research Programmes.

The Distance Education Council has been entrusted with the primary responsibility of promoting, coordinating and determining standards in the open and distance education system in and outside India.  

The Finance Committee has been entrusted with the responsibility of supervising the financial affairs of the institute.


  1. Students will be admitted to relevant courses on the basis of eligibility criteria under the supervision of Centre Head.
  2. Centre Head can deny admission without giving reasons.
  3. Admission in any course is non transferable from one student to another.
  4. Admission to program will be closed 15 days prior the commencement date of the respective program unless otherwise stated on the course page at iipta.com website.
  5.  Students who have registered for the course are required to complete admission formalities 15 days prior.
  6. Late admissions are allowed till 10 days later to the commencement of program, with Rs. 500 as late fee per day.
  7. In case of late admission, covering the syllabus, assignments, projects etc left behind due to late admission is responsibility of the student. IIPTA is not liable to conduct extra classes for such students.
  8. In case of late admission the eligibility criteria for placement assistance remains the same and unchanged.
  9. In case of failure of deposit of fees until 10 days later to commencement of program registration will stand cancelled.
  10. Once a Student / Institution / Organization is accepted for enrollment, the fee paid by the Student / Institution / Organization will be retained and in no case be refundable in full or part.
  11. If a student / Institute / Organization wish to discontinue the course / workshop / industrial training before it completion for whatsoever reason(s), IIPTA will not be liable to award the course / workshop / training completion or work experience certificate. The fee paid by the Student / Institution / Organization will be retained and in no case be refundable in full or part. Once enrolled attending classes, completing project, assignments etc is the duty of student.
  12. Part payments / installments may be entertained and acceptance of such mode of payment is at the discretion of the center head. In case part payment / installment option is executed, the student has to submit post dated cheques (PDCs) for the date of next installment for the remaining amounts.
  13. Government taxes such as service tax, secondary education cess, primary education cess etc may be applicable and will be charged extra each course. Such taxes may change thus changing the fee of the course as per present government rules.
  14. IIPTA reserves the right to change the teachers, instructors, schedules, and the venue for holding the lab activities, workplace safety rules, and any other related rules at any time.
  15. The prospectus, web site contents, and other promotional materials are meant for general information and must not be treated as contracts and/or legal documents.
  16.  Industrial Projects and other work done in IIPTA demand high security. Any person visiting IIPTA might be randomly frisked for physical security checks.


  1. Students shall conduct themselves in a disciplined manner both towards the members of the staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching) and towards their fellow students. In addition unbecoming language or rude conduct shall be severely dealt with in leading to fine/suspension/expulsion from the college as deemed fit by the Centre Head.
  2. Students shall take proper care of the premises property and they must not spoil or cause any damage to or tamper or displace with property, furniture, fitting etc. They shall not spoil the lawns. Students will have to pay the cost of damage/loss caused to the property of the institute.
  3.  In case of violation of any of the rules of participation in the workshops and/or training programs or discipline, the IIPTA reserves the right to dis-enroll the Students / Institution without any refund of the fees.
  4. Any student who is found impersonating or allowing impersonation on his/her behalf at the Examination will stand expelled from the institute with immediate effect. No letter calling for explanation or show cause notice will be issued to such student. No such student will be re-admitted to the institute.
  5. Unions in all from are banned. Any student found participating or encouraging any type of union activities will be expulsed form the institute with immediate effect. No course fee refund will be entertained in such cases. IIPTA will not be liable to award any course or experience certificate to such candidates.


  1. Students are required to maintain minimum attendance of 70% to become eligible for end examination. In case of Distance Learning mode this criteria is not applicable. No excuse like medical grounds or any other excuse will be entertained and or considered.
  2. Students securing minimum 50% marks in end examination of each program will only be awarded relevant certificates.
  3. Students are required to submit project reports on dead line as provided by project guide. Failure to meet the dead lines will result in rejection of project work and certificate.
  4. If a student fails in an exam they can reappear for the exam by paying a reexamination fee of R. 1000/- per exam. The re exams are conducted with the examination of next batch of the respective course.



  1. Any and all the research work and analysis produced by the student while pursuing a course at IIPTA (Only if the research and / or analysis are done under the guidance of an IIPTA guide / Faculty and the work is done at any of the IIPTA facilities) will be intellectual property of IIPTA. The above condition does not include any exam preparatory course (like Patent Agent Exam preparation, Trademark Agent Exam preparation, Copyright Agent Exam preparation etc) and any distance learning course (like Post Graduate Diploma or distance learning version of any other course). If the research / analysis is falls under the condition of it being an intellectual property of IIPTA, students will be allowed to publish the work in their project reports etc only after consent and written permission of their guide at IIPTA or IIPTA Centre Head.
  2. The photo submitted with the enrollment form may be used by IIPTA for publicity and shall become the intellectual property of IIPTA.
  3. Instructional materials supplied by IIPTA are meant solely for the use by the enrolled individuals. Instructional materials are copyright materials and must not be copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever or distributed.
  4. Students and participants of all courses working on any project an all courses except any examination preparation course should give their guides, course directors full innovation disclosure of the project and research they are working on as the project and research progresses. Failing the may be seen as mens rea to intellectual property theft and will be dealt with legally.


1.     IIPTA assists students and participants of Post Graduate Diploma in Patent Law and Management and Job Oriented Patent Analyst Training Program who prove themselves eligible for placement through IIPTA.

2.       Criteria to be eligible for placement assistance from IIPTA is as follows:

a)      Participant for the program are required to have minimum 90% attendance. No excuse like medical grounds or any other excuse will be entertained and or considered. In case of Distance Learning mode, this criteria is not applicable.

b)      Participant for the program has to complete all assignments provided by guide on the dead line.

c)       Participant for the program has to complete all assigned projects provided by guide on the dead line.

d)      Participant has to get minimum 75% marks in the end examination conducted at the end of program and a cumulative percentage of 75% has to be maintained in assessment conducted through course.

3.     On the fulfillment of all the above criteria, participant will become eligible for final HR interview at IIPTA if there are any jobs vacancies at IIPTA at any time or referrals to other associated companies for interview and job test whenever the associated companies call for candidates of relevant profile which may take some time and may not be immediately after the completion of the course. In case participant scores less than 75% marks, IIPTA will not be liable to provide any placement or placement assistance to the candidate.


Declaration includes some points which we want our patrons and professional students to read and feel comfortable and satisfied before joining any of our professional and or student educational programs.

1) IIPTA is an Intellectual Property Rights research and education facility of Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Education and Research Private Limited a subsidiary of Mabbit Communications Private Limited, both of which are a Private Limited company. IIPTA is not a government institution.

2) IIPTA does not have any relation or tie up with the Patent Office of India and does not conducts the patent agent exam but simply prepares aspirants for the patent agent exam.

3) The programs at IIPTA are job and career oriented professional programs and not base degree courses. Without your basic degree, IPR knowledge will do little help to you especially in the case of patent related programs. IIPTA and its programs are thus neither required to be accredited by AICTE or UGC or any such body nor they are. IIPTA's programs are complement knowledge based programs (complementary to your base degrees) which help aspirants open up new job prospects which were not available to them earlier.

If any further clarification is needed, please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] 

Note: These universal terms and conditions may change any time without prior notice.