Professional Patent Drafting Program

Professional Patent Drafting Program is designed for in depth understanding and writing of patent language from beginners' to advance level.Main aim of the program is to make participant expert in patent drafting by in depth understanding of patent claim techniques.Program will give descriptive tools for writing product, process and product by process claims. In addition, program will cover preferred claim drafting techniques in chemistry, mechanical, biotechnology, electrical and computer algorithms.

Program is divided into following modules-
Module 1 - Introduction to Patent Drafting
Introduction to Patent Drafting will help participants build the basic foundation by understanding structure of patent and statutory provisions in patent law. We will discuss claims forms and format in general including how to write preamble, use of transition phrases and body of claim. Differentiation between various transition phrases - "comprising of " , "consisting" and "essentially consisting of" will be explicitly explained. 
Module 2 - Claim Writing Techniques
It is very important to understand goal of claim writing to cover invention as broad as possible by still avoiding prior art.This module will discuss techniques of claiming individual features along with writing independent claim, multiple dependent claims and claiming plural embodiments.
Module 3 - Apparatus Claims
This module will discuss patent drafting techniques for various machines and devices - electrical circuits, hydraulic devices, anything mechanical or electrical having moving parts working to produce the desired output. Means or Step clauses will be discussed in detail with suitable example.
Module 4 -Process and Product Claims
Process claims or method claims are acts or steps, which can be narrow or board depending on prior art where techniques of functional clauses ( example - heating, separating etc. are used. Patent language must explain steps or series of steps in logical manner.
Techniques to write elements of a products using functional descriptions can be used. Also there are product by process inventions where product or even one element of product is explained by reciting the process of manufacture.
Module 5 - Chemical Claims
Markush and Jepson type claiming are crucial  for chemistry. This module with provide explicit description for composition claims used in chemistry as well as claiming with reference to drawings.
Module 6 - Biotech Claims
Claiming living organisms plants, animals, DNA, proteins etc. have always been controversial. This module will cover case studies for patent claims in area of biotechnology.

Teaching Method

Participants will be provided printed materials prepared by IIPTA experts. The Modules are will cover the detailed syllabi, suggested readings of books and titles. Course study material will be sent to enrolled students by courier.
Participants will be provided login details of IIPTA Cloud Campus. Online tutoring and support including query discussion, audio- video lectures, assignments, end examination, interaction with subject matter expert etc. are available through IIPTA cloud campus support.

Dates, Duration, Venue, Timing

New session starts on: 15th March 2013
Last Dates for registration:  22nd February 2013
Duration –1 month
Venue - Not Applicable, Distance Learning Mode with Cloud Campus Support
Timing - Not Applicable, Distance Learning Mode with Cloud Campus Support 

Fee Structure

Rs. 17,000

Registration Process

Following is the admission procedure for any and all the courses at Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney
Step #1: Creation of User ID at portal. < Link to user ID creation page > and completion of the form attached.
Step #2: Filling the form and field of the profile by the student with the true and correct information + reading, understanding and accepting all the terms and conditions laid by IIPTA on the universal terms and conditions page for joining any course at IIPTA.
Step #3: Conformation by email or phone from the student to join the course.
Step #4: Payment of the course fee by the student via DD, Cash or Bank Transfer.
Step #5: Once the payment is done in full, study material will be handed over to the student.
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