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What’s the best way to understand my litigation exposure?

 Conduct Infringement Search

Adopting a first-to-file system adds pressure to quickly file patent applications. Our patentability searches provide you with a manageable list of references to help you quickly file the highest quality patent applications. Our Report helps you assess our findings at a glance, giving you key insight into the likelihood of getting a patent granted.


When Should You Conduct a Patentability Search?

  • In the early stages of the invention disclosure review process to determine which disclosures might be patent candidates.
  • A draft patent application and/or a draft claim set; or
  • Prior to finalizing your patent application claim set.
  • During preparation of an Accelerated Examination petition to make special.


What Do I Need to Provide for a Patent Invalidity Search?

A patent number and the specific claims which you need to invalidate (unless the entire claim set is at issue).

The target priority date, if different than the priority date listed on the face of the patent.

Any known prior art that is not listed on the face of the patent.

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Free Report : Patent Landscape on LTE Technology

In this free report:

  • Bibliographic data analysis
  • Recent trends in patent filing
  • Technical Analysis of the technology
  • SWOT Analysis of the technology
  • Competitive Analysis

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