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Chemical, Pharmaceutical, & Biotechnology

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, & Biotechnology are one of the fastest growing areas of technology.Over the course of the past decade, innovations in these industries have escaped the laboratory and become commercialized.

The development of biotechnical, chemical, and pharmaceutical products generally require large investments in research and testing. Thus, protecting the final product from being replicated is essential to ensure that the true inventor and innovator be reimbursed for the time and money they have invested in the technology.

Further, biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals are fields with global impacts. Advancements in these fields are not geographically confined; they may have a use, impact or effect anywhere in the world. As such, it is important to acquire worldwide protection for these innovations.

Intellectual property protection has become essential for the commercial success and protection of biotechnology innovations. IIPTA offers a full range of IP counseling regarding biotechnology innovations, ranging from automated DNA sequencing technologies, genetic modification to protein therapies.IIPTA can assist you in obtaining protection for a wide variety of biotechnology advancements, including new vaccines, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, disease treatments or therapies (including new treatments and therapies for HIV/AIDs or cancer), new medical devices, pesticides, and genetic compositions.

Acquiring and enforcing patent protection has become all the more important in the current global landscape where these types of innovations are constantly counterfeited, replicated and adjusted by the large number of competitors in the market. IIPTA has extensive experience obtaining broad patent protection and will provide, among other services, counsel to ensure continued protection of biotechnology, chemical, and pharmaceutical innovations.

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