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What’s the Difference Between Public Domain and Fair Use? Definitions and Examples

Recycling old content can be very economical business tactics, it certainly has been the best strategy. For businesses, educational, institutional, and charities, using already existing content to draw attention to the campaign, performances and activities can be tremendous time saver. However if you want to use very much of original content you need to [...]

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How Do I Use IP Contracts and Notices to Protect My Intellectual Property?

As an intellectual property owner it is important to know how to enforce your right. While there are people who will deliberately take someone's intellectual property and use it as their own, in many cases, misuse it as their own, in many cases, misuse can be chalked up to lack communication. To minimize the risk [...]

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How to Determine if Your Intellectual Property Already Exists?

Before you can claim protection for your Intellectual property creation, you need to be sure someone else has not created it. Even if you need to know you wont be infringing on someone else right before you begin to use, manufacture or sell a new creation. You do this by searching various databases and publication [...]

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Patent and Invention Assignments: Who Owns Employer or Contractor Creations?

One of the sticky areas of Intellectual Property is who owns the right to an invention created by an employee during , his or her work for an employer. In general, current US intellectual property law starts with the assumption that the inventor owns the right to invention. It is generally considered Prima facie evidence [...]

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